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Feeling overwhelmed or stuck, constantly doubting yourself, longing for closeness but feeling scared about really opening up to someone else? Are you falling into eating disorders or other addictions to cope with anxiety, or feeling that you’re not where you want to be at this point in your life . . . If you feel this way, you are not alone: these are the issues that bring people to my office every day.

As a therapist, I offer a safe place to explore your concerns in a confidential setting. My approach is warm, accepting, inquisitive, and playful. It can be difficult to break through the barriers we put up for ourselves. Yet when we feel truly heard and understood, the inner walls dissolve naturally. As we talk together about what’s going on in your life, we will begin to understand what is really bothering you.

As you begin to recognize that you are not alone, that yours is a common experience, you begin to feel more of a connection to the world, opening to a sense of aliveness and new possibilities for what your life can be.


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